The Miracles of Birthdays!

Hey hey hey!

First off, my companion Sister Malone finished her mission last week and flew back home, and I was super sad to see her go. I learned so much from her and will forever be grateful that we got to have this experience to be companions. So now it’s just me and Sister Branch living it up here in Hung Shui Kiu prepared to keep working hard!

The Bishop took us out to Dim Sum before Sister Malone left and it was really good getting to know him and his wife a little better. I didn’t really know them that well before he became bishop, but so far he has done a super great job and we are excited to keep working with him! Before we met with them I just so happened to look at our records and found out that it was actually his birthday that day so we rushed to the store and got him a card thanking him for his work with just enough time to make it to the restaurant. I think that he was surprised that we knew it was his birthday and was appreciative of it. Oh man, I really do owe the Spirit some big ones for all of the times that He’s helped me out on my mission!

That same day we went to visit a part-member family that we see sometimes. The dad is a member, but the wife and 3 little kids aren’t, nor have they ever really been to church because the dad is a long-time less-active member. We were talking about the importance of church in helping us come closer to Christ and the wife just looks at me and says, “Can it really make me happier?” to which we all excitedly exclaimed–Yes!! We are working on helping her come to church because it’s difficult with all of her kids and her husband doesn’t support her very much. The best part was that it also happned to be one of her son’s birthdays and they had bought cake for us to eat with them and we got to sing happy birthday with them! It was such a happy experience and again the timing with everything was just so perfect!

We got stood up for most of our lessons this week–but that’s okay because it just means more time to find the people who are ready for our message! We did some less-active finding these past couple of nights and had some great success, though it maybe wasn’t in the way that we were expecting. We were going finding for super lost less-actives,  which pretty much just means that these people haven’t been in contact with the church in years, sometimes 20 or 30+ years. At one of the doors that we knocked on the less-active’s mom answered and told us that her daughter was actually studying in Taiwan, but invited us inside her apartment for some water because it was a hot day. The summers here might get kind of gross, but there are some things they are good for! We had a really good conversation with her and might be able to come back later to see her again! And then another less-active’s mom answered the other door that we knocked on and she too was very nice (which typically doesn’t happen when less-active finding, people usually either aren’t home or close the door in your face when they see you) and said that we could come back in a couple of days to teach her! Ah, so excited!!! We haven’t had a new investigator in weeks now so I am super excited to be able to teach some new people!

Our funny moment for the week was when we were sitting outside doing some companion study when this drunk old man walked by us and said in English “Miss, are you from America! Well WELCOME TO HONG KONG!!! Peace, to you–to you both!” and then he walked away and when he was a few feet away he looked back at us and said, “Hey, I can sing! *then he actually starts singing* ‘We are the world! We are the people…'” and then walks away and Sister Branch and I are just like what?! Thank you random drunk man!

My focus of this week has been persistence and consistence. Not only is it important in life that we are determined and put the best that we can into things, but we also need to be doing it consistently. It’s like this especially with our prayer and personal study of the scriptures. I have days where my studies are super good and then other days where they’re not as productive as I would like them to be. So this week I am focusing on doing the best that I can every day so that I can keep progressing and developing my testimony. After all, faith and conversion come step by step and day by day. My invitation for this week is for you to evaluate your daily prayers and study of the scriptures and see what you can be doing to be more consistent and persistent. As you do this, I can promise that this time each day will become more sacred and meaningful to you.

Have a marvelous week! Serve others! Pray sincerely! Wish everyone a happy birthday (ideally if it actually is their birthday)!


Sister Crockett


1) At dim sum with the Bishop

2) Me with my trainer Sister Curtis before she went home last week!

3) Sister Malone at the end of her mission haha!

4) The misty mountains in my area after it got done raining all day

5) Part of the city in Tsuen Wan where we went last P-day to eat some Korean BBQ!



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