Mushrooms and Cockroaches–Yay!

You know those weeks that never seem to end? Well this past week was one of those just because there were so many things that happened and just so many blessings! Honestly, I didn’t want the week to end!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes; I had a great day! One of the members actually called on my birthday and asked me to pick up a cake because there was a little boy he wanted to introduce to us whose birthday it was as well. None of them knew that it was my birthday, and I didn’t want to tell them because I was so much happier being able to sing to someone else than I would have been with the attention focused on me! And this little boy lived in a very hard situation and not even his own mom acknowledged that it was his birthday, so it was so special to be able to meet him and be there with him!

So to sum things up right now, our apartment is full of cockroaches, and the other day we found a patch of mushrooms growing out of the side of our wall. Interesting. Like I said before, it gets pretty hot and humid here!

In English class we had so many new people come to our kids class, and at the end I was trying to get a volunteer to say the closing prayer, but no one wanted to. So I chose a random kid to come up to the front to help me and I knelt down on the ground next to him to teach him how to pray. Before I knew it a whole group of kids had come up and circled around me and there was a collective chime of little children’s voices as they all repeated a prayer after me. It was such a cute and sweet experience and they were all so happy and excited after learning how to pray!

Last week we were doing a district find and the Elders tried to give a man an English class flier, but he laughed at them and told them that he was already fluent. Well I decided to walk up to him and talk with him while we waited at the cross light and then we kept talking and actually were able to walk to the church with him and give him a church tour right then and there! We met with him again and taught the restoration and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! It was such a humbling experience for me to realize that you really can’t ever judge someone based on appearances, because there are people all around ready to hear our message. Also Eddie is from Canada and is like the funniest man ever–I love him so much!

We have really been struggling to get investigators to church, but we were so blessed and yesterday were able to have a family show up! We had met the daughter on the street about a month prior and were finally able to schedule her for this week, and her mom and brother also ended up coming to the lesson! This girl has such a strong testimony already; it was been such a pleasure being able to meet with her!

For the past few weeks we have been working to put on a Caribbean activity and finally had it this past Saturday! We made so much curry that even though we had a lot of people show up, everyone still got to take some home! It was pretty successful and our old investigator, Jacky Chan, came to it as well!

I don’t know if you remember him, but we actually haven’t been able to see Jacky for about 3 months because he stopped letting us schedule him, and we didn’t know what happened. But randomly he called and asked to schedule us, and so we met with him and he shared all about what had been happening with him lately. And it was a lot. We had no idea that he had been going through so much, and he just completely opened up to us. I was so close to tears as I listened to him talk, and felt the Spirit directing my every word as I tried to help him. We are hopefully going to be able to see him again this week, so keep him in your prayers.

Since meeting with Jacky I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. In Chinese the word to repent is “fui goi,” whose two characters essentially mean “regret” and “change.” I love that meaning because it really emphasizes the fact that repentance isn’t just feeling bad about something and then doing your best to get rid of it, but is actually a process of change and improvement. That is why we must repent daily, because with it, it truly is possible to become better!

Love you all! Keep working miracles in the lives of others and your own life will be blessed in turn!

Sister Crockett
18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

1) A picture of my area! The tall buildings in the background are actually Mainland China, but all of the hills and random houses are mine!
2) Went hiking with an investigator last week
3) A sister from another ward at the volunteer place where we do service. Shout out to Sister Bateman, who used to live with her!
4) A member surprised me at the church with a cake for my birthday!

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