A Light and a Hope

No typhoons or monkeys this time, but the work is still continuing!

This week we visited one of our investigator’s houses and she insisted on making us food. When we got there, she had already laid out a few dishes and started having us eat fruit after fruit while we waited for her to finish cooking. By the time that she was done, she had laid out an entire feast for the 3 of us and I already felt full. She must have been cooking all day long! It was all pretty good, but truly it was a lot of food and she kept insisting that we eat everything that she had made and scooped endless amounts into our bowls. She even scolded me for drinking too much water, which is something that Chinese people don’t really do while they eat, and replaced it with a cup of boiling hot soup! But the highlight was when I made the mistake of telling her that I liked the peanut sauce she had made for the noodles and she proceeded to scoop almost all of it into my bowl! I love peanut butter, but I haven’t touched it again after eating that dinner. On a side note, I found out that I really like eating bamboo! We still got to teach her and she has a baptismal date for September, so it was all worth it! You know, sometimes you just have to make a few sacrifices.

The Primary had an activity making cupcakes this week and we were able to stop by for a few minutes. There were SO many friends of mothers with their kids there, we were able to get some of their numbers and invite them to another activity that we will be putting on in a week. There were so many little kids running around that I didn’t know what to do with myself! Also the cupcakes were pretty good and we got to steal a couple… 🙂

We got a hold of a less-active member that we have been trying to see for the past couple of months and she let us visit her at her house! It was really good to talk with her because has been going through a really hard time right now with some events that happened. She had apparently become less-active in part because she though that Buddhism just made more sense, but with the way that things have happened, she has more of a hope and desire to believe in Christ again. I have so much faith that we will be able to get her back! We’ll be there again next week!

The father of our recent convert, Floren, passed away a week ago. He really was her whole life and she had even quit her job so that she could start taking care of him full-time. He had been in the hospital for the past 3 months, but she always held onto a hope that he would get better, despite what all of the doctors and everyone else always told her. But his condition kept getting worse and worse until he passed away. We met with her the day after and she just missed him so much, she would just go for walks by herself now. But she still has so much faith! I am so grateful for this knowledge that we have of a life after this. The end of this life is not just darkness and nothingness with no hope for anything more. Because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, there is hope and there is light. Sorrow is swallowed up in His sacrifice. This really is the greatest knowledge and I am so grateful to have it!

Make this the best week ever! Press forward!

Sister Crockett
1) A Japanese restaurant! Hou sihk!
2) Service at a disabled center
3) What a typical bus looks like in Hong Kong
4) Hong Kong at night!


IMG_2566 IMG_2569 IMG_2574 IMG_2586


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