Typhoon on the Island!

Hello again!

This week started off pretty exciting with my first ever typhoon! It really wasn’t a very bad one, but it was still kind of scary! There were really heavy rains and winds so we were confined to our apartments for most of the day on Tuesday for our protection. And for the next day or so every body wanted to talk to you about the typhoon haha. It was pretty exciting! Monday was pretty nice weather though, and we got to go to the zoo and see some more monkeys, but this time they were in cages.

The other day on the subway I talked to this lady and got her number and she was actually willing to meet with us and let us schedule a time! Yaya! We met her on Saturday and before we could even say anything, she whipped out a big bag that she had been carrying and proceeded to give us all sorts of different gifts. And then when the bag was empty, she gave us the bag itself, which honestly was pretty hip! The lesson went pretty well, but she mostly did all of the talking and wouldn’t let us say much which can be kind of frustrating at times. But one of the key teaching skills is being able to listen to others and more than just that, being able to really understand them and find ways to highlight truths of the gospel through what they say. We did reschedule her again though, so I’m excited to see how it goes!

We also visited the Lee family in our ward and then they took us out to dim sum at a nearby restaurant. It was my first time to go and it was pretty good! They ordered like 13 different dishes for the 4 of us, so I walked away pretty full by the end of it! It was really fun to try a lot of different Chinese foods that I hadn’t eaten yet. There was this one steamed custard bun that was SO good!! I am blessed to have such a great ward who takes care of the missionaries and tries to help us out through simple means!

We also went with some members of the relief society to visit some elderly people from our ward who haven’t been able to come in years because of health reasons. We visited sister Chu who was in her 80s and had Alzheimer’s so she couldn’t really do anything or speak. We just sat and visited with her, trying to get her to remember things and talk with us. We read in 3 Nephi with her when Jesus Christ visits the Americas and you could tell that she wanted to speak and say something so badly, but no matter how hard she tried, no words could ever come out. You could feel the Spirit and it was a testimony to me that this gospel and the peace that it brings can really teach anyone’s heart, no matter what condition they are in.

My focus this week was on humility. It’s a simple word and a simple concept, but there is so much power behind it. When we are filled with pride and selfishness, our minds are clouded and the influence of the Spirit is gone. If we are humble, however, I can testify that we can have a hope and assurance and begin to see people more like Christ would see them. And after all, the Savior Himself, greatest of all, came not for any glory that He could receive, but in all things acknowledged the grace and power of our God and Heavenly Father.

Keep working hard and moving forward!

Sister Crockett


1) just monkeying around 😉
2) Dim Sum with the Lee family
3) Sister Chu
4) at the zoo!

IMG_2534 IMG_2539 IMG_2544IMG_2525

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