Hong Kong Temple!!

I know that I say this every time–but what a great week! Sometimes you just have to stop and take a second to be grateful because there are so many blessings! Too often I take for granted this wonderfully sacred opportunity and forget how utterly amazing it is that I get to be in this place at this time doing this work!

On Monday we went to the Chun Family’s house in our ward for dinner and it was all so good! They are such an amazing family and I was grateful to spend some time with them and get to know them a little better. One thing about me is that my very least favorite vegetable is cauliflower. I will try to avoid it as much as I can. For dinner Sister Chun made a whole bowl of it and throughout dinner I took a little bit of it to be polite. After everyone was pretty much done eating there was still about half of the bowl left and she asked if anyone wanted some more. I thought that I would be nice and take a little bit more and she ended up dumping almost all the rest of it onto my plate which let me tell you was A LOT of cauliflower! But I ate it all and walked out of the apartment full of more cauliflower than I have ever eaten before in all of my life combined!

We have TONS of ants in our apartment and moved a cupboard in the kitchen to try to spray some of them and found a lizard hanging out back there! This wouldn’t be too weird other than we live on the 23rd floor of our apartment building!! So we of course grabbed some cans of soup and proceeded to have our dinner in the church building haha!

For the first time, I got to go to the Hong Kong Temple this week for P-day! We’re supposed to be able to go every transfer, but it has been closed for the past little while for cleaning so I didn’t get a chance to go earlier. It was 3 months without the temple and 3 months too long! There really is such a special feeling in the temple and it is such a wonderful opportunity to forget about all of the worldly cares and worries that weigh you down, and realign your will with God’s. If you are feeling troubled and burdened or even just need a break, there really is no place greater than the temple! How blessed I am to have one so close, and if any of you have the same blessing be sure to take advantage of it and go as often as possible! I promise you that there are great blessings waiting for you!

We have of course still been seeing Floren, our recent convert, and teaching her all of the after-baptism lessons. This week we were teaching about baptism and the Holy Ghost again and at the end of the lesson I felt impressed to bear my testimony about prayer. Her dad is really old and has been in the hospital for almost 2 months ever since he suffered a really bad stroke. I talked about just how she misses her dad and desperately wants him to get better, we have our Heavenly Father who also misses us dearly and wants the absolute best for us. And even though we can’t go and visit Him, we can still communicate with Him through our prayers. At that moment I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for her so strongly I started to tear up a little bit and was just so grateful that I could share this wonderful message with her. I know that we are all God’s children and that He wants to help us, but we have to do our part first.

This week we were waiting outside of an investigator’s apartment building and waved to a cute little popo (the term for an old lady, pronounced “paw-paw”) that walked by. She stopped and asked “sihk jo faahn meih a?” asking if we had eaten yet and then patted our stomaches haha! She was really nice and we even ended up getting her number and visiting her later that week! She was already Christian and loved talking about Jesus Christ! She also loves taking selfies, so I got some good pictures 😉

One thing about our ward here is people LOVE to just give out food, especially to missionaries! This Sunday we walked away with some wafers, an entire cheesecake, and a package of pork chops!! Man, they are so nice! People love giving out random things!

I was studying about exactly what the “gospel” is. The Bible dictionary explained it as literally meaning “good news” and I just thought how accurate that was! Because how truly amazing is this message after all?! Sometimes I just stop and have to take a minute to realize how amazing this gospel and the opportunities that Jesus Christ has allowed all of us to have by the life He lived and all that He did!

My invitation for the week: find the good in everyone and see them not for who they are, but who they can become! We all have such amazing potential, don’t you dare overlook that in anyone else or in yourself!

Sister Crockett


District at the temple

Hong Kong Temple!

Chun Popo

Stake Activity



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