Music Concert!


Hello hello!

This week was so so good! We were able to meet up with a lot of our less-active members that we have been trying to schedule for forever which was a miracle in it of itself. We are starting to see some progress with some of them which is really encouraging. It is so sad how many less active members there are here in Hong Kong, but I am so lucky to get to be a missionary and help them feel the joys that this message brings again! It really is such a special experience to get to meet with and teach them.

Transfers were this past week and I’m…. staying in West Point with Sister Curtis 🙂 I am happy to stay here for the next two months and help this work keep on moving!!! We have really been building up our relationship with the ward lately and I love it here so so much!! We were in a tripanionship with Sister Yost from Causeway Bay for a day this past week just with the way things worked out and it was so fun! We also got a new roommate who just barely got to Hong Kong and it is so fun to have her! It reminds me of what it was like when I first got here a couple of weeks ago and how far I’ve come since then!

We picked up a new investigator, Grace, from the formers (past investigators) book and she’s doing well. Her problem is she is super lazy and refuses to read or pray. We would spend a whole lesson reading the Book of Mormon with her and trying to help her understand it and by the end of it there was no progress. I was a little frustrated, but when we woke up the next morning we got a text from her saying that she had started reading it and knew that it was good! What?! Heavenly Father really does work miracles. I am so grateful!

So a few weeks ago we decided to go to ward choir practice after church to check it out and got roped into performing in a stake music concert a couple of weeks later. It was actually super stressful because Chinese choirs sound a lot different than you would think possible and also I don’t know how to sing, like at all. And also I was singing alto which I have never sung before and also my companion was the only other alto out of the whole choir. And did I forget to mention that the music was in characters which I don’t know how to read? But we somehow pulled through and this past Friday we had the concert and got lots of compliments. I can’t really promise you that legible sounds were coming out of my mouth or that they were the right notes, but I gave it my all!! It was such a fun event!

This past week was also zone conference and it was all so stinking good! One of the senior missionary couples talked about the importance of sacrifice in our lives. It is only when we sacrifice that we are able to have an increase in faith. Sometimes we think that if we have enough faith THEN we’ll be able to sacrifice, but that’s not how it works! We see blessings a lot of time when we have one foot in the darkness and keep pressing forward. Faith is built on sacrifice. We also learn to appreciate things so much more when we give some things up and push through our hardships. “Sunshine all the time makes the world a desert.” How will you show your faith through your sacrifices this week?

Thank you all for your support and love and encouragement, I love hearing from you! As always, keep moving forward!

Sister Crockett


1) some cute kids dressed as prophets at the music concert
2) got some authentic Chinese food, does it look good? 😉
3) one of our ward member’s shops- it’s so crazy there!



img_2833 img_2801 img_2667

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