A Room Full of Mission Presidents!

I’m not really sure where to start, so I’ll take about the most exciting part first! Hong Kong has the Asia area headquarters, so this past week all of the mission presidents and their wives from Asia came here for a Mission Presidents Seminar. My mission president selected 12 sets of missionaries to help with the seminar for a few days and he picked me and my companion as one of them! We were pretty nervous when we heard that we would be practicing teaching with these mission presidents from all of these different countries from India to Singapore to Taiwan. We got there and each companionship got put with a different president and his wife and we got put with…. our own mission president here in Hong Kong!! Talk about being nervous! I love President Lam and his wife though, so it was all just fine and I ended up learning so much from them. They practiced teaching us the Restoration and I learned so many things that I could be doing better in my own teaching and missionary work. And it was also kind of fun to have them be in the teaching position with me and my companions playing the role of investigators–not many people get to say that they have done that before!

And speaking of the Restoration, we taught a new investigator for the first time yesterday and it actually went really well. He was a man in his 70s that we met on the street about a month ago and hadn’t been able to schedule until a few days ago. Our first lessons with people never seem to go as well as we would like, so we were kind of nervous to teach him. But it ended up being the best Restoration that we have taught yet! When I was reciting the first vision and bore my testimony, I could feel the Spirit so strongly. It just washed over me and I felt such a love for this person that I didn’t even know that well. I felt our Heavenly Father’s love for him and knew that this message could help him if only he would give it a chance. He accepted our commitment to read The Book of Mormon and pray and we should be able to see him again in the next week or so!

I have been having to go on exchanges a lot lately with another sister in the zone because of a lot of meetings that we’ve had lately. She actually just got to Hong Kong a little over a week ago so it was so fun to be able to spend some of her first moments here with her. It reminded me of where I was just a few months ago and just how far I’ve come since then. Sometimes, actually most of the time, change is too slow for you to notice until you look back and see just how much land you’ve covered! She also had such a fire and desire to share the Gospel that it gave me a spark again and we got so many numbers while finding on the streets! We actually had a funny experience where we stopped a guy on the side of the street to talk to him and had been talking for about a minute when he kind of started walking a way a little and said that he didn’t feel well. I was kind of thinking to myself, “yeah, yeah, if you don’t want to listen to us you can just say something”, but then he bent over and started throwing up on the side of the street. We just kind of stood there for a minute, and then ran to a store to buy some water or something to help him out. When we got back, he was gone, but we tracked him down and ran up to him and gave him a water bottle and asked if he was okay and then kind of ran away…. It was kind of a weird situation and I’m not sure that we actually helped him, but hopefully if he sees missionaries on the streets again he’ll remember our kindness and want to hear the Gospel 🙂

An emphasis that I got from the meetings that I’ve been to is just how important it is the have the Spirit with you in anything that you do. It really is the only way that we can know truth and the way that our loving Father in Heaven is able to communicate with us. Are there any distractions or things in your life that you need to change so that you can hear the quiet whispering that are oh so subtle but oh so important? I have seen the difference in the days where I have this companionship and gift with me and the days that I don’t. I know that it is so important to be receptive to these promptings and to put yourself in a position to be able to hear and act upon them!

Keep being amazing! Keep serving and loving others! Keep positive!

Sister Crockett
Feel free to send me letters 😉

18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

1) some stomach at the grocery store
2) My area ❤
3) one of those cool boats that I finally got a picture of!!

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