Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello hello!

It really has been getting colder here lately! It has felt absolutely FREEZING this past week! I asked one of the members what temperature it was and it turned out that it was really only like 55 degrees out. I really have turned into a wimp when it comes to the weather haha!

Thanksgiving was this week!! Our zone got together for a little Thanksgiving party and my companion and I were asked to make rolls for it. So I got a recipe from my mom (thanks momma!) and we got to work on them during our meals. The only thing is that maybe I’m just not used to reading so much English and also we didn’t really look it over that well beforehand, but we may or may not have made a few mistakes while making them. Okay, yeah, we made a lot of mistakes. After a couple hours, some prayer, and a lot of flour, they turned out great! They were some of the best rolls that I have eaten! One little miracle that shows that God cares even about the little things in our lives!

And speaking of which, I hit my half-way point on Thanksgiving– yikes! It’s crazy how fast time flies by! I also can’t believe that I’ve been in this same area, my first one, for 7 months already! I remember at first I just wanted to leave and go experience what the rest of Hong Kong was like, but my perspective really has changed so much since then. I love this area and this people so much that I really don’t ever want to leave! I have walked these streets so many times that they really do feel like home now.

Sadly, we don’t really have a lot of progressing investigators right now as it seems that other things in life always take priority over church, but we have been seeing lots of new faces which is good too! We had an old lady take us out to dim sum again this week and boy did she own that place! She waltzed into that yam chah restaurant and literally everyone there knew her! Turns out that she really doesn’t have interest in the gospel, she just wanted to talk with us, but at least she was pretty straightforward with us. Also, Chinese people have a thing that you can order that says it’s pizza but it’s not pizza. It’s a big circle of rice with random stuff in/on it. Don’t let China fool you with their fake pizzas! (…..it was still pretty good though ;)….)

We also met with a girl from Indonesia here studying at HKU and she is so nice and has so so much potential! We gave her a tour of the building and then taught the Restoration to her and she seemed to be really interested! I found her on the MTR and it was a really random and fast encounter, but she let us meet with her regardless. I asked her why and she said she didn’t really know, she just felt like she should. We’ll have to turn her over to the English elders, but she is doing good for now!

You know about my movie career? Well, one of our investigators, Ron, randomly wanted to interview me and my companion for a little film that he’s making. What did I tell you about it being my big break?! Also with that documentary that I was in last week, it should be out in a few weeks and I can direct you to the youtube link, it should be pretty good!

With Thanksgiving and my half-way mark being on the same day this past week, it really got me thinking. I realized just how grateful I am for this precious time here. It really goes by so fast. And I also realized that it’s easier than you would think to just go through the motions in life. I don’t care whether it’s a mission, school, work, with friends, or anything else that you do in a day, we sometimes forget what it is that we are actually doing. Do you realize how blessed you are?! But really! Take a second to just live life and think about what you’re doing and how amazing everything is! I feel like just running down the streets and telling everyone how precious life is and to just lift up your head and smile. But I also realize that I can do that, at least to a small degree, through my example. Sometimes I smile and wave to people on the streets and they look up and smile for just a couple seconds and it makes my day! It really is through small and simple things that we can change our lives and the lives of those around us. After all, life is no more than a culmination of all of these little moments.

Wave to some strangers!

Sister Crockett

18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

1) The comp and I!
2) A member gave us a HUGE Ferrero Rocher!
3) Sisters in the zone with some of the food that we made for thanksgiving
4) A close up on the rolls 😉

img_4037 img_4033 img_4019 img_4023

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