I’m A Movie Star!

Life is so great, and this week was filled with lots of hard work, but also a little bit of some extra stuff on the side 😉

I’ve been doing a little bit of *acting* on the side of missionary work. They are doing a documentary here about our church in Hong Kong and some of the misconceptions and stereotypes that surround it. Okay, so maybe it’s not an actual movie and will only be like a half hour long and aired on a local station here and I’ll probably be in it for about 3 minutes, but great things start small, right?! One of the sections in it is about Mormon missionaries, so they filmed a few scenes of us doing some finding and asked us a few questions in an interview. They thought it would be interesting to film us because my companion is so new to the mission and they wanted to get some good insights. It was really cool to be in something that will hopefully help people better understand our church. And, I mean, If I just so happen to get famous for it then I guess that would be fine too 😉

We taught our investigator, Ron, this week and our lesson was an hour and a half long! We taught the plan of salvation and he just had so many good questions for us. He leaves soon for California, so we are trying to get him solid so that he can hopefully be baptized when he goes back to the states. The sad thing is that he didn’t come to church this Sunday because he was sick 😦 But we’ll teach him again and get him solid!

This was just kind of the week of teaching random guys in the park, because we met another guy and taught him. Turns out that he mostly just wanted to complain to us about his girlfriend, though, so that was kind of a bummer. At the end of the lesson, he get up to go, takes out his phone, snaps a selfie with us, and then literally runs away! And I mean running, he bolted out of that park! Haha, it was a fun experience!

Remember that popo who I got to sit down on the bench with me the other week? Well, we got ahold of her and taught her and she was so cute! We should be able to see her again this week 🙂

In church on Sunday, there were some people from America who were originally from Hong Kong here visiting family for the week who are ward members. They didn’t speak Cantonese though and in Sunday school I got volunteered by the other missionaries to translate for her! I have to admit that I felt kind of silly translating  into Chinese for a Chinese person, myself being a white girl from Oklahoma, but I was actually able to do a pretty okay job (I hope!) It was such a neat experience and good to see the progress that I have made in my mission so far!

Second chances are real. Last week we met a guy in a park and then scheduled to meet him again on Saturday to teach a lesson to him. He showed up and we taught him a lesson, but it was probably the worst lesson that I have ever taught. Afterwards, I just sat down on a bench and pulled out some fudge from my bag and just kind of tried to wash the nightmare out of my head of what had just happened. (And by the way, if it’s sugary enough, fudge CAN heal the soul at least a little bit). We tried to kind of laugh it off, learn from our mistakes, and burn his phone number to forget about it. But the other day we decided to call him again anyways and he let us schedule him again. What he was thinking, I have no idea and I am like 100% sure that it was the Spirit that persuaded him to say yes, but we saw him again just a couple days ago and it went so much better! We brought a member with us this time and he actually participated more in the lesson and it looks like we’ll be able to see him again. The hard thing is that he knows nothing about Christianity and what little he does know is kind of mixed up and confused. I just have to say that I am so grateful for the mercy of second chances. It just goes to show that the Lord will always be there to help you, no matter how badly you mess it up!

I really do have such a testimony of the goodness and grace of the Savior. If there were no such thing as second chances, I really don’t know how my life would be right now! I am also grateful for the many miracles that we’ve been seeing and for my companion and her hard work!

I love you all! Keep working hard and take advantage of those second chances!

Sister Crockett
18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong


1) The building we live in!
2) We found some flowers in the trash and did the only reasonable thing and took them home… they were still perfectly fine haha!!
3) I know that you were all missing Leung Popo, so here’s another picture!
4) The harbor at night

img_3966 img_3971 img_3924 img_3928

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