Jesus Got Better!

Happy Easter!!

This week was super good! People don’t really celebrate Easter here, but they get about 2 weeks off of school and a few days off of work which is pretty nice. But the Mainland Monster is back for vengeance now that it’s spring break and everyone has gone to China and we have lost contact. But in the end it WILL be defeated and we WILL be able to teach those people again once they come back to Hong Kong!! And in the meantime we have a couple people who are super free so we’ve been able to see them which is really nice!

My random encounter with popos this week was while we were walking to the chapel and stopped to talk to a popo on the way. She was pretty nice and all and kept saying how great of people we were and whatnot, but we realized that she wasn’t quite all the way there when she asked us the 4th time if we had eaten yet. We would kindly respond and then a few seconds later she would ask the same thing and so we had a pretty long conversation, but we talked about the same things over and over! She was super nice and sweet though, and we gave her our number and told her to call if she ever had questions or wanted to talk to us. And as we were walking away she asked if we had eaten yet once more just for good measure 🙂

One of the ward members found out that I studied geology before my mission and yesterday she came up to me in church and said, “I know that you really like rocks” and then handed me a packet of rock pictures! But hey, I can’t complain, they’re some pretty good-looking rocks.

Our ward had a Primary Easter Activity this weekend that we helped with and it was super fun! They had the missionaries help set up and hide the eggs which was a lot of fun; it’s been a while since I’ve been on an Easter egg hunt! They also did a really good job of helping the kids understand more about what Easter actually meant and had them recreate the last supper which was super cute to see  a bunch of little kids do! We also got to know some of the members more at the activity which was super good and I can’t wait to keep getting to know this ward even more. I feel like I’m still really new even though I’ve already been here for about 2 months now!

In our English class we taught kids last week, and at the end shared a quick message about our Savior and Easter. I asked one of the little girls who’s about 4 why Easter was so important and she said, “Yan waih Yehso hou faan,” which means “Because Jesus Christ got better!” I laughed a little when she said it because it was just so darn cute, but also so true! Not only did our Savior “get better,” but He also overcame death and sin for us so that we too could get better and not have to be sad! I know that the atonement of Jesus Christ is the only way by which we can obtain happiness and peace in both this life and the life to come. He is my Lord and Savior, He is my means of redemption! It is only through Him that I have the strength that I need to push forward and know that everything will work out!

The church also released a new Easter video called “The Prince of Peace” and I have pretty much watched it every spare second since it came out–it is so good! I encourage you all to watch it and share it on facebook or with a friend so they can also enjoy it!

Have an amazing week!!

Sister Crockett

18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

1) What one of the street shops looks like
2) For P-day we went down to Stanley–it was gorgeous!
3) What most of my area looks like, pretty small town in most places
4) The Fung Family–they are a super awesome member family!
5) I found a lizard! (this time it wasn’t in my apartment)
6) The kids at the Easter activity

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