Don’t Ever Delay!!

So this past week was obviously AMAZING because of General Conference!! I went in with some questions and had them almost all answered–and then had some other questions answered that I didn’t even know that I had before! There really is just something so amazing about being able to listen to the voices of living prophets and apostles and the divine counsel that they have for each of us personally. Afterwards me and my companions talked about what we learned and we had all walked away with different themes and notes from conference. If you are listening, I can testify that the Spirit really will speak to you directly to let you know what you need to do to change.

We also had a couple of investigators who were able to make it to conference and one of them was a former investigator that I met for the first time there! I have been doing tons of calls each night and scheduled lots of potentials and formers. Sadly, pretty much every single one of them ended up forgetting or cancelling on us and then not picking up their phone again. It was the end of the week and we hadn’t been able to meet with many people, but then one of the people that I had called a few days prior called us and said that she wanted to meet with us, and then she also came to conference! It was such a miracle to see! Hard work always pays off!

Yesterday we went to visit one of our investigators who we haven’t seen in a couple of weeks, but when we showed up at his door we found out that he had forgotten about our appointment and wasn’t home. I was kind of dissapointed especially since we had just gotten done with General Conference and were on such a spiritual high to teach people and had planned so much for this lesson. We were about to head home when I felt impressed that we should find a bench and do some of our language study outside. Kind of random, but our mission president has been encouraging us lately to do more of our studies out in public and we had yet to do much of it. So we sat down and immediately started getting eaten alive by all of the mosquitoes and flies, but I promised my companions that we could leave only after we had been there for at least a few minutes because I felt really strongly about being here. Well, absolutely nothing happened and we got up to leave, but first I again felt that I should wave down a man walking by and start talking to him, so I did. Turns out that he’s super Christian and had actually toured a church building back in my last area a few months ago and was so happy to talk to us that he introduced us to his whole family of 6 that was playing in the nearby park. They were interested to meet with us again and we exchanged information. It was such a miracle and I learned that you must NEVER delay a prompting and if you feel that you should do something, then you had better do it! My companions and I walked away in awe at what had just happened and how perfectly everything had seemed to work out for us to meet them when we did. If our investigator had actually been home, then we never would have gone to that place to study and would have missed the chance to meet those people.

I can testify that God really does have the perfect plan for all of us because He has perfect timing and perfect knowledge. If you feel impressed to do something, don’t question it for a second or you might be just a second too late! Sometimes you may never know why you feel that you should do something or aren’t quite sure if it’s the Spirit talking to you, but if it’s a good thing then just do it anyway! I can promise you that as you strive to be worthy to have the Spirit with you and then listen to His voice, you will always be led down correct paths.

Keep up the faith, listen to the Spirit, and don’t forget to watch General Conference if you haven’t seen it yet! And if you have, then watch it again!


Sister Crockett

18 Dorset Crescent

Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

Hong Kong


1) A “chicken egg” waffle–a Hong Kong classic!

2) some random noodles

3) what buildings look like when they do construction, kind of weird looking

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