P-Day with Elder Cook!!

So I guess that you could say this week started off pretty great because Elder Cook came to Hong Kong, and so we missionaries got to have a special meeting with him! It’s the first and probably the only time that I will be able to see an apostle in the mission field, so it truly was such a precious opportunity. When he came into the room, all of us missionaries were lined up and sang “Called to Serve” and the room was just bursting with such a special feeling that I couldn’t help but to beam as we sang and greeted him. I may have heard that song a thousand times on my mission, but I will never grow tired of it! The conference with him was so good, and it was interesting to realize that he really is a normal person like you or me, but he has been qualified to hold the sacred calling in which he serves. There was such a special spirit in that room as he talked and as he left a special blessing on us, I knew without a doubt that he was truly a prophet of God and a special witness of Jesus Christ. Oh how grateful I am for the leaders of the church and their testimonies!

The Lo Family is doing super good and we surprise visited them this week because it was the son’s birthday! The funny thing is that we just happened to stop by right before his birthday party (that we didn’t know was happening) and so we kind of crashed in on a bunch of moms and their kids hanging out, but it was still a really good opportunity to be with them all!

Since I’m clearly not from around here, when people ask where I’m from, sometimes I have them guess. I’ve gotten countries from all over the world, but this week everyone seemed to think that I was from Russia. Interesting.

This week we were on the train and this random white guy started talking to us (in English of course) and we had a good conversation with him about our church. It’s always kind of awkward teaching in English especially because we live in the middle of nowhere and so you always do a double-take when you see another white person who isn’t a missionary. Before he got off the train, Sister Branch handed him a Book of Mormon as he left. Once he was gone we both started laughing because it was of course a Chinese book so there’s no way that he is going to be able to read it! But hey, he has our number and knows where to find us if he has any questions 🙂

We and the Elders visited Brother Wong who is a semi-active member who moved into our area and he is the cutest old man ever! He lives by himself but he has lived a super crazy life and was a profession basketball player who traveled the world and was even involved in a few wars–crazy! He took us all out to steak, and then we got to know him more and shared a simple lesson with him. It’s so sad to see how lonely he is, and so it was good that we could make him  happier just by talking with him and listening to his stories! Service comes in all shapes and sizes!

This week we were able to meet with so many more people than last week, and I know that it really is all a blessing from God. One thing I realize is that I can work the hardest that I can, but all success never has or will originate from me; it is all given. Some of the investigators that we haven’t met with in a while are doing super good and when we invited Mary to be baptized she accepted! It was super cute because she was worried that after she was baptized she would have to start spreading the gospel as well! She still has a while before she’s baptized so we’re hoping that she’ll make this goal!

I found this quote that I really like in regards to learning and progression, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

“The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future.”

The past is a vital part of who we are, but it is only with our eyes looking forward that we are able to change and become better. Holding onto things from the past, whether it be with pain or longing, inhibits our ability to progress. Look back on the past only to learn, and then apply those things to the present so that you can improve the future!

As always, look for ways to serve! And empty your pockets of any ashes that you may still be holding onto.


Sister Crockett


1) Us missionaries with Brother Wong

2) Went on exchanges with Sister Banagoa; it was so fun!

3) My MTC group all back together again!!!

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