An Unexpected Phone Call!!


Leihdeih hou!!

This week was again AMAZING, although not for any of the reasons that you would expect. Did we have a lot of people cancel on us or not show up? Yes. Was it hot and were there a lot of people that didn’t want to talk to us? Yes. Did we work hard regardless and help some people out in one way or another? Yes!! Despite anything that did or didn’t happen, at the very least both Sister Branch and I saw some improvements as we worked hard and kept trusting that the Lord would direct our paths, and he most certainly did!

So we pass out a lot of fliers that have our name and number on them to people when we talk to them, but most of the time people don’t really do anything with them. Even if they take it and say that they will call you later, they really don’t ever do it. But this past week we got a phone call and it was from someone that we had been talking to on the train the other day. He called and said that he wanted to meet with us and talk about what we shared with him a few days prior and we were both of course super excited! To help you understand a little bit more how seldom this happens, this is probably only the second time my entire mission someone has actually called me back! We met with him this week and though he doesn’t have any religious background, he was so sincerely interested in what we taught him about prayer and our Heavenly Father. Sadly he doesn’t live in our area so we’ll have to turn him over next week, but it was most certainly a blessing. We have both been working to talk to every single person in our path and it has been paying off in small ways!

This week we were doing studies outside one day when we saw one of the girls that comes to our English class on Fridays (she’s about 7). She was with some of her other little friends and as they were talking to us they pointed over into the distance at another group of kids and told us that they were their “adversaries” and that we shouldn’t talk to them. Sister Branch and I were kind of taken aback but then they all walked off and we continued our companionship study. But a few minutes later I felt someone behind me and looked back to see that the other group of kids was now surrounding us. Yeah, we were kind of confused. They were all super cute and nice but told us that the other kids that we had just talked to were rotten and not to talk with them. It was really funny because were were literally in the middle of a fight between two different “gangs” of little kids. But they were all so cute and when we invited them to English class they said that they wanted to come as well! Yay!! We will get ALL of the kids to English class and then make them all be friends and they can get baptized together!! 🙂

I also went on exchanges with Sister Lee in Yuen Long. She is actually from Korea–she is super cute and hard-working! We taught a new investigator together, and the member that was with us was seriously amazing! Seriously, I thought that she was a much better teacher than we were, and I felt the Spirit so strongly in the lesson as we all bore testimony of God’s love for us. It made me realize just how important member support is in missionary work. All you at home who aren’t on missions anymore or never had a chance to serve one, you are still so critical to this work! There is a light and connection you bring that sometimes that specific investigator really needs to feel.

I haven’t really borne testimony in a while, but I want you all to know that this truly is the restored church of Jesus Christ on the earth again today. Many times people ask us how many years we had to study before we were allowed to come out on our missions, and to that I simply smile and tell them that I really am still just a naive 20-year-old with no formal religious training; we really just came out here to share a message of joy! Sometimes I forget my purpose, but it really is so simple: to bring joy to others! And I know that it brings joy because I experience it every single day as I remember my Savior and strive to do my best to follow His example. Words cannot come anywhere near to expressing my love for Him and my gratitude at the sacrifices that He has preformed on behalf of us all.

Love you all!! When you set goals, remember to REALLY stick to them and you will be blessed!!


Sister Crockett
18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

1) Me and the good ol’ Sister Branch
2) we went to wetlands park and it was gorgeous!
3)we also found the common Mormon haha!
4) And of course NOODLES!!
5) More wetlands

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