Big Buddha!

Leih ho!

Another week and more adventures!

Last P-day we took a trip just around the corner to–BIG BUDDHA!! And it was, well, really big! We actually had to take a few buses to get there because it was really far from our area, but the ride was so pretty! There are so many fewer buildings and so many more trees than in my area! Actually, while we were waiting in line for one of the buses when a group of mainland Mandarins out of nowhere quickly snaked past us and cut to the very beginning of a very long line! I have to admit that at first we were kind of annoyed that they though they could just push past us because we were Americans, but then we started talking to them (because that’s what missionaries do) and they became our friends! Just a couple minutes into talking with them they were all pushing each other aside to take pictures with us. I don’t know if I’ve ever had my picture taken so many times within a 5 minute period in my life before! Then we took out some pass-along cards and just sent them down along the line and watched as hands reached out in all directions to try and snatch one! Yay for missionary power! Oh, and also Big Buddha was pretty fun, too 🙂 It really made me appreciate the culture and love where I am even more! China has such a rich culture and it was nice to get to see just a little more of it.

We also visited one of the families in our ward this week for dinner and their apartment was so nice! There’s not a lot of space in Hong Kong, so usually everyone’s apartment is tiny and they don’t really like having people over. But this family actually lives on Hong Kong peak and had an apartment that almost made you think you were back in America for a minute! The family is so nice and we shared a message about the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made for each and every one of us and how we need to do our best to share this blessing with others.

Within the past couple of weeks, we’ve started teaching a family that actually lives in our same building. They had been going to English class for a while every week and one week they came to church and we were able to teach them! We usually teach to two kids and their popo, and let me tell you, those kids have a lot of energy! And also we found out the the boy is only 7 so he can’t even get baptized for a few more months…. but you had better believe that we’re going to keep teaching and preparing them!

We’ve been trying to think of new ways to do finding, so this week one day we just took the subway back and forth for a while and tried to sit next to and talk to people. We had a fair amount of success, and what’s more, it was air conditioned, haha! Sometimes people here don’t really know how to act around foreigners. At one point there weren’t very many people one the subway so I was just sitting by myself and this older guy just started staring and then sat right next to me and continued to stare at me without saying anything. Luckily my stop was the next one so I wished him well and got off! I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten so much attention in my life before!

One thing that has been on my mind a lot as of late is family history and our ancestors. I am so grateful for everything that my family members before me have done in order for me to be right where I am right now. They have made so many sacrifices and gone through so many trials, but have kept strong and because of that given me a better life. It made me think about the story that I’m writing right now and what my posterity will think when they look back on my life. What sacrifices have I made? Do I do things begrudgingly or out of faith and courage? Will my life be an example to others? Start now to make your story worth remembering!

Go out and be amazing! Have no fear and do what needs to be done!


Sister Crockett


1) Big Buddha!
2) The Lau and Chun families
3) On the ride there- it’s a lot different than what I’m used to!
4) A temple near Big Buddha
IMG_2024 IMG_2057 IMG_1964 IMG_2047

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